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Submission for: Redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital (Concept)


Diana Di Marino

LONGUEVILLE, New South Wales


I wish to submit my objection to the proposed redevelopment of the Greenwich Hospital. The revised plans do not address the issues raised by the local community on numerous occasions directly with the proponent and they are the bulk, size and scale of the proposed development and the major traffic and transport issues that will result if the proposal were to go ahead in its current form.

The proposed 14,500 sqm hospital building is a doubling in the size of the existing facility. On top of that the proponent wishes to build 13,000 sqm of residential apartments on the site. At 80 sqm per unit this would result in 162 apartment being built on the site in addition to the hospital.

This proposal is in an area characterised by 1 and 2 storey low density residential developments and yet the proponent thinks it is appropriate to undertake high density development in this location on a site that is subject to a heritage order and surrounded by trees in a bush fire prone area.

The above proposal is a prime example of gross over development in an area totally unsuitable for such development and it beggers belief that the proponent and their supposed expert advisors feel it is appropriate to propose such a development on this land.

No traffic impact assessment has been undertaken on the surrounding road network. The non-signalised exit will become left-in-left-out resulting in traffic congestion at this junction. The report estimates a rate of 0.2 x 89 independent living units (18 movements/hour) using the RMS Guide. However, the RMS guide is based upon sites with good public transport options within the vicinity of the development and this site has average to poor public transport options. This means the majority of independent living unit residents will rely on private vehicles to get to and from the development.

The estimates substantially under-estimate the flow rate and need to be assessed by an independent traffic assessor. The local bus service is infrequent and the gradient of the roadway leading from and to the bus stop does not meet the standard in the Seniors SEPP.

The surrounding residents and homes will be severely impacted by the proposed hospital and apartment buildings and will lose much of their privacy, amenity and views as a result of the proposed development. The apartment buildings will tower over the local skyline and be visible in almost every direction.

The sheer scale of the proposed development is well in excess of what the location, local roads and infrastructure can handle.

Thank you for allowing me to submit my objection