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Submission for: Redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital (Concept)


Derek Scott

GREENWICH, New South Wales


I have previously lodged an objection, and continue to believe that the amended plan continues to be detrimental to the local environment.
The proposal seems to be highlighting that the hospital will receive many benefits in up-grade and amenities, and as an aside there will be a lot of housing appear on-site. I continue to object that the local roads cannot take the increased traffic and that the housing is too high and too dense.
I note in one of the reports a photograph taken from the corner of Gore Street and Carlotta Street - with a comment that the houses at the upper side of Gore Street will not see the new high rise flats. The observation seem to have missed that these houses also have a back to them, and the new construction will be very much in view from the upper levels of the housing and from the decks at the rear of these buildings.
I do find the photographs supplied as alarming, ugly and totally against the local character of Greenwich Seeing these new high rise apartments from the road as we drive around is just bad - and fuelled by money.

Not in favour at all.