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Submission for: Redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital (Concept)


Name Withheld

GREENWICH, New South Wales


I do not have an issue with the responsible refurbishment and capital development of the health services at the hospital, however I do have an issue with the approval pathway the applicant is using, the content and bulk and scale of the proposal, the inclusion of residential accommodation in the proposal under the guise of 'a care model', the development footprint impact on green space, established landscaping and community amenity and the traffic impact.

1. Serviced Seniors Living Issues
- The proposed Serviced Seniors Living apartment blocks do not meet the objectives of the SEPP; Serviced Seniors Living does not meet the objectives of the special uses zoning of the site for hospital use
- The use of land for seniors living will prevent this land being used for hospital expansion in the future.
- The height, bulk and scale of the development will result in loss of amenity to many nearby residents and is incompatible with the current expectation of residents, the landscape and of residential dwellings of only either 1 or 2-storeys.

The proposed Serviced Seniors Living apartment blocks are not compliant with zoning law, are too massive for the site and surrounding residential area and consequential overlooking impacts. The land should be kept for hospital use only.

The visual dominance of the apartment blocks and hospital tower will affect the privacy of many nearby, particularly those on the north side of River Rd, Western side of the site and parts of Northwood will be overwhelmed by their unacceptable bulk and height.

2. Heritage Issue
- The height of the proposed main hospital building causes it to dominate Pallister House and will forever impair the immediate environment of this heritage-registered grand residence.
- The removal of trees and the building of a Respite Centre is inappropriate on Pallister House's heritage-zoned land.

The proposed Respite Centre is not compliant with zoning law on heritage-zoned land and should be excluded from that part of the site.

3. Environmental, Amenity, & Bushland Preservation Issues
- The removal of over 40% of the trees on the site will drastically change the nature of the site and remove its 'bush environment' forever.
- The effect that buildings, internal roads, paving, landscaping and terracing, and storm-water works will have on the surrounding bushland is incalculable.
- Additional to the visual overbearing by the over-sized hospital and Serviced Seniors Living appartment blocks, local residents will suffer privacy intrusion from residents and patients, lights operating 24 hours per day and increased noise from the activities associated with these buildings.
- The building and improvement of roads in the hospital grounds will cause vastly increased traffic with its consequent noise and lights, thus damaging the amenity of nearby residents. The St Vincents Rd access to the car park will cause bottlenecks at that road's interface with River Rd making it very difficult for local residents to access River Rd.

I object to the removal of a large number of trees on the site, the loss of habitat for wildlife, the loss of privacy, increased pollution of noise, lights and traffic for residents. The proposed hospital tower is approx 30m high and is located on the highest part of the site, further emphasising its height ; this building would be far taller than the current tree line and will be visually dominant.

4. Traffic Issues
- The increased danger to Greenwich Public School pupils using the crossing outside the hospital due to huge numbers of vehicles - commercial, industrial and residential - entering and leaving the hospital grounds during the construction phase.
- There will be large traffic back-ups in the morning peak hour along River Rd heading east and again in the afternoon heading west - this will frustrate drivers even more than is currently the case.
- The impact on residents on the Greenwich peninsula using St Vincents Rd will be enormous as it is likely to become a 'car park' for several hours each day.

The development has a lack of planning for the safety of school children from the increased hazard of large construction vehicles during the construction period, from increased internal traffic entering and exiting the site directly opposite Greenwich Public School and the likely blockages in St Vincents Rd during peak periods each day.