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Submission for: Western Harbour Tunnel & Warringah Freeway Upgrade


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NEUTRAL BAY, New South Wales


I object to this project for a number of reasons:
1. Business case - the business case for this project, in particular, the Western Harbour Tunnel, does not make sense - why has public transport not been considered. This is not a sustainable option to support growth in Sydney - the recent opening of the new Metro line shows that if available, people will utilise public transport. Building more private toll roads is simply not the infrastructure that Sydney needs to support growth - we need more, faster and reliable public transport, in particular trains or metro - why is a Metro line not being built to the Beaches?

2. Environmental - it's just inconceivable that this project is still being considered. $14b for two tunnels - why is this money not being invested in sustainable public transport and more important public infrastructure like proofing our city and state for climate change. We dont want more cars and trucks on the road. We want less - so invest our money in more suitable infrastructure projects

3. Our health - you are proposing to build two ventilation stacks right near our schools. With Sydney enduring days and days of poor air quality, how can you justify enabling even more pollution and emissions?

This entire proposal is just so short term thinking - it's not what the majority of NSW wants - this is catering to an elite few. We want environmentally friendly public transport, not enabling more polluting cars/trucks with a private toll road.