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Submission for: Western Harbour Tunnel & Warringah Freeway Upgrade


Daniel McMillan

NORTH SYDNEY, New South Wales


While i am generally in favour of the proposal, i am concerned that the area in which i live will be subject to increased traffic noise and hasn’t been considered for protection from such. The noise from the freeway (to which we have direct line of site currently with no noise walls) has been growing each year, and i note that the Alfred st off ramp will be subject to increased traffic with traffic able to flow through to the Cahill expressway from the off ramp. I request that the off ramp and freeway beside the off ramp be considered for noise walls. I have attached a diagram showing where i think the noise is excessive currently and will get worse (in green shading) and where i think the noise walls should be (in yellow). I think it’s extraordinary that it is considered reasonable for in excess of 17 lanes of traffic to have line of site to over 100 houses without protection. Please consider this amendment.