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Submission for: Western Harbour Tunnel & Warringah Freeway Upgrade


Myles Holloway

BEACON HILL, New South Wales


I have taken an interest in the atmospheric emissions that will come about once the project is completed. Air pollution has been extensively modeled and it is believed that the project will reduce carbon emissions due to removing the need for cars to stop and start as often. That's good, however I see an opportunity to install carbon capture technology at key ventilation points across the project. Previously air filtration technology such as ESP has been used to capture NO2 and CO in the M5 tunnel however the cost was very high due to lack of foresight and deemed unviable. This may not be true for this project and may not be true for CO2, which is easier to capture using other methods of air treatment such as a carbon scrubber.
If carbon could be captured from key ventilation points it could be argued that using the tunnel is a greener alternative to driving on the roads as your car's emissions would be physically captured by the system.
I hope this may be taken into consideration.
Regards - Myles