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Submission for: Western Harbour Tunnel & Warringah Freeway Upgrade


Brendan Harber

BALMAIN, New South Wales


I do not object in principal to the creation of another harbour crossing to ease congestion (though whether the focus should be on this or improved public transport and rail freight infrastructure is questionable, appreciating the Metro tunnel already underway). However, it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE for contaminated waste dredged from the bottom of Sydney Harbour (with toxic material having been deposited this stretch of the harbour by many years of previous heavy industry) to be deposited on the dock side at White Bay, extremely close to medium-high density housing, home to many families of young children, and directly next to cruise ships which regularly dock at the (completely inadequate) White Bay Cruise Terminal.
As I previously mentioned when I attended the information session held previously at Balmain Town Hall, the minimum that could be done would be to move the toxic sludge dump to Glebe Island. An even safer alternative for the health of the numerous local residents and visitors to the area would be for it to be shipped directly out of Sydney Harbour and processed for transfer to land transport in an unpopulated, industrial port, such as Port Kembla.
Understanding that if the Dredge Material Handling Area is moved to Glebe Island then it is still relatively close to the same populated areas in this part of Balmain. Therefore it should also be handled in a covered shed purpose built on site, as is being done for many other locations in the project (albeit often for noise abatement in those cases, while this would need to prevent the escape of any toxic particles from this facility).
This needs to be addressed urgently before the project progresses any further.
I am looking forward to hearing your proposed rectification to this issue.
Brendan Harber