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Submission for: Western Harbour Tunnel & Warringah Freeway Upgrade


Kealan Coleman

LILYFIELD, New South Wales


I am providing comments of concern around this project, mainly founded on the lack of transparency, honesty, and broken promises with the Westconnex project, which no doubt has lots of the same stakeholders, and therefore will probably have a similar outcome. It's very disappointing to be on the losing end of the flawed public consultation process for the Westconnex project and to see it be disregarded so blatantly for commercial and political gain, and not for the public's interests. I don't feel that the government is empowering itself adequately to protect the public nor the government against commercial interests and pressure and wish that my words and actions could have some meaning, but unfortunately, my faith in the process is weak. I hope that enough stakeholders with a moral conscience can actually stand up for what is right in this project and not just allow another project to happen "just because it can." As a father of three, a local community member, and a strong supporter of democracy, I hope that things can be different here.