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Submission for: Western Harbour Tunnel & Warringah Freeway Upgrade


Mary Irvin

ARTARMON, New South Wales


This is a very large transport project. Any transport project should include an analysis of its impact on carbon emissions and climate change and ways that the project has addressed these matters in a positive way.
Transport emissions make up a large proportion of the total emissions from Greater Sydney. Effective reduction in transport emissions will require a shift from the private car to sustainable modes of travel: walking, cycling and public transport. This shift relies on changes in how transport projects are prioritised and delivered to enable changes in travel behaviour. This project gives a very real opportunity to incorporate good sustainable modes of travel in the plan.
There is a real need in Sydney to have an integrated cycling network, one where it is safe for both the cyclist and the motorist. In the plans I saw today there is one very small cycle route that will be provided from Falcon St. to Miller St. mainly on the temporary construction site.
This is a perfect opportunity to provide a robust system of off-road cycle paths.
While some tunnels would be unsuitable for cycling because of fumes and poor ventilation, if you are able to get the ventilation issues under control there is really no reason why separated cycle paths could not be incorporated into this design.
Another alternative would be to follow what Melbourne is doing with the West Gate Tunnel Project. This Project will deliver more than 14 kilometres of new and upgraded paths, making it safer and easier for more people to walk or cycle. It includes some magnificent elevated veloways to give cyclists a journey completely separated from traffic, and pedestrian and cycling bridges. The Victorian Government and Melbourne City have embraced sustainable means of travel and this is evident by the number of cyclists using the cycling infrastructure.
I therefore call on the NSW Government to include cycling infrastructure into this project. If safe infrastructure is provided, cyclists will use it.