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Submission for: Trinity Grammar School Redevelopment.


Name Withheld

SUMMER HILL, New South Wales


I support the project and the improved benefits it will bring to the community and children's education.

My major concern is how dangerous Hurlstone Ave Summer Hill has become to cross and the current heavy vehicle traffic that will increase with this project.

The Avenue is perpendicular to both Prospect Rd (facing the main entry to the school) and Old Canterbury Road and is a very short Avenue of only 9-10 houses long. The movement of vehicles turning into Hurlstone Ave from both ends especially Old Canterbury Rd has become very dangerous with the high speed of cars travelling through to cross over from Old Canterbury Rd.

Also, the number of vehicles moving through, particularly during peak times where traffic can bank up from end to end of the Avenue. This Avenue is not able to service such high volume of vehicles. Also during school events and weekends which is very often and outside peak times there is increased traffic and no parking available for residents.

The Avenue is only permitted for one ton vehicles but is used by private buses, I assume from the school, which are well over one ton and should not be allowed to travel through.

There's many car accidents and close collisions at the Hurlstone Ave & Old Canterbury Rd intersection end with a death close to this intersection in the last 6-8 months. At this end of the Avenue its very wide making it easy for vehicles to turn into it at high speeds to avoid the oncoming traffic and has now become a rat run for vehicles to pass through.

I recommend that Hurlstone Ave should be blocked off for any vehicle access from Old Canterbury Rd and there is precedent to this with Herbert St Summer Hill (refer attached) a few blocks down which was blocked off from Old Canterbury Rd for Summer Hill Public School. This will make it safer for school children and residents as well as reducing traffic into this short Avenue that was never built to accommodate such heavy volume of traffic.

I strongly recommend for Hurlstone Ave Summer Hill to be blocked off from Old Canterbury Rd to reduce traffic, parking and most of all children's and residents safety.