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Submission for: Trinity Grammar School Redevelopment.


Michael Thomas

ASHFIELD, New South Wales


I am writing to express my deep concern, as a resident of Ashfield, regarding the latest notification of planning outlined above. This was received by me on Wednesday 6th May 2020 and outlines the latest development proposal.

I have lived in Holwood Avenue since August 2001. Throughout this time I have had to continually endure ongoing works not only carried out by Trinity Grammar, but also Cardinal Freeman Aged Care facility, the Sydney Eye Hospital and various other works undertaken by both private and commercial concerns. While I understand schools need to look at development needs from time to time there is no evidence that this current proposal has merit and therefore considering the impact on the residential neighbourhood, I feel it absolutely necessary to raise my objections to this latest venture. There has been continual disruption to the enjoyment of my property with noise, dust and road work closures since moving into the area and this has impacted me for the last 19 years.

Despite Trinity Grammar only recently completing major capital works within the past couple of years they are now proposing further expansion and increasing pupil enrolment from 1,655 to 2,100 (27% increase in capacity). Given that the latest proposal involves substantial capital works the construction period and the consequential disruption period will most likely take another 18-24 months, and I note than an estimate of this period has not been included in the current publicly available documents.

Enough is really enough!!

Further, one of the proposals is a new 5 storey classroom and school facility building impacting on neighbouring residents who currently enjoy their views. Let us not forget that when Seaview Street was given it’s name as there were views of the ocean from this area which some residents still enjoy. This view will be removed for a number of residents if this proposal is approved. I raise this point because of the cultural and historical significance. Not to mention the devaluing of these properties and subsequent residential properties upon completion.

I have always admired and supported Ashfield Council’s position on preserving the historical integrity of the area. Indeed a substantial area around the school is a conservation area with heritage listed homes.

The development application proposes to demolish two School acquired residences positioned outside the perimeter of the school which are approaching 100 years old. Surely these residences have a historical significance and therefore deemed preserving for future generations.

Moreover these particular ‘historical’ residences currently provide a border along Seaview which shields the residents outside that border from noise. Trinity Grammar’s proposal has not exhibited any concerns for the look of and integrity of the area and these new school buildings will take the form of an ugly 21st century construction with no respect for the area’s historical culture.

In addition it is proposed that a number of trees, which, as yet have not been identified in the proposal supplied, will be removed. I suspect the said trees have been insitu for generations.

For residential properties in the area surrounding Trinity Grammar, development proposals have been constrained in the past, in that the height cannot exceed the current property height. Many friends and neighbours in the area who have proposed works to their properties have been advised by Ashfield Council that all alterations need to be in line with the historical culture of the area and have had to subsequently build ‘down, rather than up. Why can’t the same rules and restrictions apply to Trinity Grammar?

I would therefore ask , as a long standing resident, denial of this Development Application by Trinity Grammar and request that if the works are to proceed they are reconsidered to incorporate the above points raised.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Thomas
11 Holwood Avenue, Ashfield NSW 2131