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Submission for: Trinity Grammar School Redevelopment.


Name Withheld

ASHFIELD, New South Wales


As you will see from my address we live one street away from Trinity grammar. The traffic over the last few years since we moved here has increased substantially. Receiving this development notice to make the school larger is infuriating. I have previously complained to the school about how they manage their car flow in the mornings and afternoons. their carpark exit insists that all cars and buses turn left into VIctoria street and then into Harland street. We live on one of the corners, at times it is impossible to drive out of our driveway due to the sheer traffic. we get loads of cars but also bus loads of children. the school also backs onto Canterbury road, an already main road, i would suggest thinking about using that as an exit to keep our once suburban streets quieter. It would be very disappointing to see the school increase in numbers again. Our streets could become worse than parramatta road in peak hour!