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Submission for: Trinity Grammar School Redevelopment.


Name Withheld

ASHFIELD, New South Wales


I object to the 30% increase in student numbers at Trinity Grammar as I have a concern regarding the adverse amenity impact for the local residents. We currently suffer from significant traffic disruption on our street in the mornings and afternoons and experience significant delays in travelling in and out of our street at peak times. We have older students parking (out of uniform) on our street regularly which takes up our parking spots. It's dangerous for my kids to walk or cycle to school as there is no pedestrian crossing from Service Avenue. Cars drive too fast around our street - there is already too many cars.. we cannot sustain a 30% increase in traffic
Whenever there is a school event, parking and traffic is congested for numerous streets in our vicinity.. A delivery dock on Seaview Street would significantly increase traffic.

I object to the removal of any trees to support this development, 26 trees and trees on Seaview Street should be preserved and protected and the students in the school taught the value of these trees to their future.