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Submission for: Trinity Grammar School Redevelopment.


Name Withheld

ASHFIELD, New South Wales


My particular objections to the proposed Trinity project are in regard to:

• the delivery dock in Seaview Street
• 5 storey building
• removal of trees
• increase in student numbers from 1500 to 2,100
• outdoor teaching area.

Trinity Grammar already negatively impacts the local residents who receive no benefit from the school. The proposed project will:

• increase heavy traffic (including trucks, vans and buses) on narrow Seaview Street. With that comes reduced safety (particularly for pedestrians) and amenity, increased noise and pollution.
• be incompatible with the local low rise environment and become an eyesore.
• turn a residential street into a commercial area with reduced mature tree coverage.
• increase the level of noise emanating from the school.

I understand that in 2015 the Land and Environment Court determined that it was not in the public interest to allow an increase of 200 students given adverse amenity impacts for the local residents. We, the residents, are still here. There is no reason why that determination should not be upheld.

I reiterate that Seaview Street is a narrow residential street and in parts the footpath is also extremely narrow. Increased traffic will have a significant negative impact on the homes of residents and their enjoyment of their homes.