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Submission for: Trinity Grammar School Redevelopment.


Name Withheld

ASHFIELD, New South Wales


My main concern is the increase in noise and congestion from traffic both during the construction process and from the subsequent increase in student numbers. Streets in the area are already heavily congested because of Trinity traffic in the morning from 7 to 9 am, then in the afternoon from 3 to 6 pm, making it difficult and frustrating for residents. Of particular concern is the choke point for traffic travelling to and from Victoria Street via Harland Street, which seems to be the main direction for all the school traffic. If traffic increases any more in this street it will make it impossible for the residents of Service Avenue to use Harland Street. Already at peak hour it is gridlock around the school making it very difficult for residents to travel northwards. It is impossible to get past Trinity Grammar on Victoria Street because of traffic turning into the school or turn right into Queen Street from Harland Street because of Trinity traffic turning right from Queen Street into Harland Street.
I am also concerned that the beautiful old fig trees in Seaview Street will become victims in the building process, these trees are at least 50 years old and give great charm and character to the street, offering respite to the built environment and habitat to birds and animals, I would be very unhappy to see them destroyed.