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Submission for: Trinity Grammar School Redevelopment.


Name Withheld

ASHFIELD, New South Wales


I object to this development application because it is far too big for the local community to bear. The increase in students, and the accompanying transportation, is not feasible for our roadways. We have twenty buses and hundreds of cars go down our street each school day now and the damage to our road and the danger to young children is enormous. Also 600 additional students with only 12 additional car spaces will have adverse impacts on local residents who are having trouble parking now when school is on. On weekends when the students have sport, or if there is a function at the school and parents have to come they park our neighbouring streets out now, sometimes over our driveways, making it difficult for us to come and go from our properties. Also I believe a five storey high rise building is inappropriate for the area. Noise from the school is enough now, 600 students extra will be far too much to bear. In 2015 the Land and Environment Court determined it was not in the public interest to allow an increase of 200 students because of adverse impacts to local residents and now they want 600 extra students.