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Submission for: Powerhouse Parramatta


FORM Dance Projects

Parramatta, New South Wales


FORM Dance Projects supports the MAAS Powerhouse in Parramatta plan. We find the vision for a world-class cultural institution in the heart of Western Sydney to be a necessity. In Parramatta, rapidly transforming into Sydney's central city, we work in an environment reflective of a future Australia. There has been substantial development in business, corporate, health and transport in Parramatta and Western Sydney recently. We need significant investment in arts and cultural infrastructure development which has been lacking for too long in our city and region. The Powerhouse plan is an ambitious contemporary vision, the architectural design by Moreau Kusunoki and Genton is inspirational and breath taking, and will have the impact of a major global institution supported by, what will be, no doubt, an outstanding Museum program of exhibitions, installations, residencies, research and education fostering innovation and excellence in applied arts and sciences including history, science, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music and transport-space exploration. The building will reflect what it contains and aims to achieve, an "Australian institution that embodies the best of design ingenuity and innovation and reflects the growth, changing shape and future of Sydney." Led by the highly respected and committed Australian arts leader, Lisa Havilah, we can expect this unique, successful, greatly informed and considered strategy across all areas of the Powerhouse Plan from the building to the curated content and audience engagement and education outreach. FORM was delighted to hear about developing fresh and new program partnerships with local Western Sydney arts and cultural organisations, including the small-medium arts organisations. We positively envisage a future with the Powerhouse in Parramatta, and look forward to developing a partnership, which reflects an engagement with the independent artists and communities we have been working with in Western Sydney over the last 20 years. We believe and trust that Lisa Havilah, with her extensive expertise and experience, and knowledge of Western Sydney Arts and Culture, will deliver the Powerhouse project for the NSW Government with sensitivity and best practice in community cultural development and consultation. We look forward to a future Parramatta Powerhouse where First Nations, local, national and international people gather to celebrate, share, learn, explore, be adventurous and inspired.