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Submission for: Bowdens Silver


Name Withheld

RYLSTONE, New South Wales


I object to the proposed Bowdens Silver mining on the grounds that 1. It will not bring significant employment to the surrounding community. 2. It is not inline with the identity of the surrounding community. This is a quiet rural setting with agriculture being the main source of income. The land in our community is best suited to growing crops and live stock. The richness of the surrounding soil needs to be enhanced not depleted. 2. Local small business will be negatively impacted. The surrounding small business rely heavily on passing traffic and holidaymakers as a source of income. Travellers primarily come to our region to relax in our natural surroundings, escape the industry of the city and give a little back to their rural communities. A mine in our area/industy will make the option of visiting our community less appealing to holiday makers. 3. I came to this community from Sydney because of health reasons. I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and after receiving life saving treatment decided to continue my healing process in nature. I believe my illness was not helped by the secondary pollutants created by the industry I was surrounded by. Toxicity from runoff in the waterways, air pollution, micro toxins in the food I consumed are example of pollution from industry that over extended periods of time has been proven to impact negatively on the health of not only adults but children and babies (transferred through breast milk). I do not want this for myself or for my surrounding community. 4. The size and the scale of this proposed project is too big for the infrastructure of the small rural communities to take on. I do not want to expand to meet the needs of this proposed mine. I do not want major roads designed and created to 'allow' trucks, carrying unknown materials, to snake around our small villages, even if it is at times considered acceptable. This will alter significantly the character and ethos of our town. I do not want the land, rich in minerals and life, to be depleted and the produce shipped overseas for the benefit of countries outside of my own. I do not want the habitat within this large body of land to be strategically removed. I do not believe, when they have finished removing the silver and lead they are mining, that the by product they then use as land fill, and scattering of local fauna, will return this large expanse of land back to it's original level of abundance. 5. The level of toxic by product is not acceptable to me. Silver mining is one of the most expensive and invasive forms of mining. I know that a by product of this process is Lead. It is firmly established that Lead is a highly toxic metal and even when all measures are taken there are no guarantees of zero contamination. Any level of Lead contamination is not acceptable due to it's highly toxic nature. 6. It is a very rare thing to be surrounded primarily only by the sounds of nature. I value this and object to the proposed mine because the removal of nature from such a large area to house the mine AND the sound generated by the function of the mine itself, not to mention the earth movement and vibration, may be kept at a very minimum, but is just not wanted at any level. Thank you for considering my objections to this proposed mine.