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Submission for: Bowdens Silver


harry white

mudgee, New South Wales


Hi, My name is Harry white,
I thank you for the opportunity to be heard, i am writing to you to voice my opion AGAINST the proposed BOWDENS SILVER MINE
To give an insight into who i am:
I am 28 years old and run a beef cattle operation with my brother jack here at Havilah North, 7 KM west of the village of Lue
both jack and i live on the property with our respective partners and as of 2 days ago jack and wife susie have a baby boy.
Earlier this year jack and i purchased our fathers property known as Havilah North, this makes us the 6th generation of whites to farm here.
I tell you this because i would like that to continue for along as it has already run.
The prospect of a insufficient water, brought about by excessive use at Bowdens is one that i find very hard to handle. Having just come through the worst drought on record, i have seen the water table at its lowest, we are situated on the lawson creek, as is bowdens,
the creek is our life line
as it is for many others up and down stream
to take 5 mega litres of water from that catchment everyday i feel is determental to my operation
I am aware that a tailings dam will be put in to store the sludge that is the remnants of the silver/lead washing process,
I am aware that this slugde is toxic
i am aware that these type of dams require life long maintenance, as there have been cases of them leaking and spreading toxic waste into natural waterways
causing countless damage to those down stream
Who will maintain this dam, who will see to it that no damage is ever to come from the toxic waste created by washing and processing lead and silver on site at bowdens silver mine?
i ask one more question on water,
there is a proposition to bring 15% of water required from Ullan or Moolarben Coal mines through pipe to the site at Lue
As a recently acquired land holder i am very aware of my property location and it would seem that it is situated in the most direct route for this proposed pipe line?
why have i not been informed personally?
What are the plans for the pipe line?
will it go through my property? No it will not.
What i need is more clarity on this and the above matters, it is all a bit of a mystery to me, and it causes a great deal of angst
that on top of running a considerable business i do not need.
Thank you again for the opportunity to speak
kind regards
Harry White