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Submission for: Bowdens Silver


David menchin

MUDGEE, New South Wales


This is a project that will provide work for hundreds of people in the local community and is a great alternative to digging up fossil fuels and the massive degradation that comes with it.
I support this proposal and I am a land owner of a block of ground on the Ulan Road of which the proposed water pipeline will pass through. Although my holding is only a small acreage it is still a working farm. In my opinion the pipeline will be of very little impact to the ongoing farming practices that I engage in.
There is also intention by the Bowdens group to make water available to relevant Bush fire groups such as Cooks Gap rural fire brigade that fall along the path of the proposed pipeline route.
I understand that other land owners will object to this proposal but once this pipeline is in the ground for 99.9% of the time it will raise absolutely no interest to the land owners that will originally object to the mine in my opinion.
During this difficult time in Australia we need to support these type of non fossil fuel developments that support the local area for infrastructure and employment.
Yours David Menchin