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Submission for: Bowdens Silver


Name Withheld

CAMBOON, New South Wales


I wish to raise my objections with regard to any permissions that may be planned to give Bowdens access to open their Silver Mine.

1. During the latter time the Kandos Cement works were in business the Truck Drivers using the Lue Road made it a dangerous place to travel. They drove large vehicles like maniacs and I see no reason why Bowdens Sub Contractors will not do the same.
2. Desecration of Prime Farmland is a definite and I am sure that no explanation is required from me at this time.
3. Jobs! This is a catch cry of a couple of local businesses who seem to think that more people in Rylstone will make them, the businesses, rich. In fact house rentals will rise and houses will be built to start a Rylstone Sprawl. Overpaid, Hi Vis, blockheads will make their presence unwieldly and drive locals crazy as well as dissuading our much loved tourists.
4. Is the rumor true that Bowdens employ a Mid-Western Council Member, as part of their Public Relations team? If this is correct would it not be a matter for the ICAC?
5. If #4 is ignored without investigation would that in itself be a matter for the ICAC?