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Submission for: Bowdens Silver


WEG Australia

VIRGINIA, Queensland


Dear Sir ( Name )

I hope you do not mind but I am reaching out to you directly in regard to this new exciting upcoming project that we have read about recently, we at WEG Australia are highly regarded in most industries including Mining , Water , Oil & Gas and the Sugar Industry for supplying a complete range of Motors (LV&HV), VSD’s (LV&HV) and MV /LV Soft Starters over the past 30 years in Australia and even longer globally emanating from Head Quarters in Brazil.

But in saying this I would also like to introduce you to quite a few more products that WEG Aust can offer to your project with what we believe to be of commercial benefit to you and your company, for instance we can now offer our complete E – Switchrooms ( inclusive of MV / LV MCCs, Transformers up to 40 Mva ONAN and 25 Mva in Dry Type.

I do appreciate that this may be quite early in the project timeline but WEG Aust would like to offer any assistance in making this project a success , in saying this if you have appointed and EPC / M at this time for your Engineering study’s we would be more than happy to also engage with them if you are on acceptance to refer my contact details with that company.

Finally, could I refer you to our Global Capabilities Statement (attached ) which I believe you would like to review, and if you require any further information or hopefully a presentation from WEG Aust please contact me directly.

I look forward to your reply
Best Regards
Allan Gossage