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Submission for: Bowdens Silver


Lue Hotel and Leisure Pty Ltd

LUE, New South Wales


As Manager of the Lue Hotel, I am pleased to provide this submission on behalf of Lue Hotel and Leisure Pty Ltd who operate the Lue Hotel.

In late 2019, the Hotel went through a change of ownership. Prior to this change, the Hotel had been in complete disarray with the business on the market for about two years. This ownership change effectively saved the Hotel and if the Hotel had been forced to close it would have been a terrible outcome for the township of Lue.

Since taking over, we have spent a considerable amount of time and money in undertaking a range of repairs to the Hotel including upgrades to the bar, kitchen, restaurant and accommodation areas. In the very near future, we will be looking to open a café in one of the Hotel’s buildings as well as having the facility to sell grocery essentials locally. This is something the locals have expressed a great interest in and I believe is sorely needed in Lue.

All of our staff are new, we have a fabulous new chef and all of us are from the local district. We are excited about the opportunities the Hotel presents going forward. However, being a very small town and being the only retail business in the village we rely almost exclusively on the success of the town.

The Hotel already experiences benefits from Bowdens Silver with members of their team often frequenting and supporting our business.

The development of the Bowdens Silver project will certainly bring much needed business to the Hotel. With 230 new local and highly paid jobs created we hope there will be a proportion that will be living in close proximity to the Hotel. Our café will certainly get strong support from the Bowdens workers on a day-to-day basis. This support and economic benefit will enable the Hotel to continue to increase its offerings and services to the local community. The Hotel is not just a hotel. It is the hub and heart of this community.

We strongly support the Bowdens Silver development. It is extremely important for the viability of the town and our enterprise.

By way of disclosure, a director of Bowdens Silver is a part owner in the Hotel.