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Submission for: Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility


Jackson Environment and Planning Pty Ltd

North Sydney, New South Wales


Our team has supported the proponent by conducting a very comprehensive environmental impact assessment for the development. We believe the proposed development is a best practice recycling facility for sustainably recovering and recycling sand, soil and building materials. The proposed development is strongly supported due to: a) The facility will represent an important piece of infrastructure to address the 461,000 tonne per annum recycling gap for building materials in the Central Coast and Hunter, which will help meet the NSW Government's recycling target for building waste by 2021; b) The development will protect the environment and public health, and will reduce the requirement for new landfill capacity in the region; c) At least 20 new direct jobs will be created, providing valuable skilled jobs for the Central Coast; d) The project also represents a significant boost to the economy of the Central Coast region. The operation will make an estimated economic contribution of $407 million to the Central Coast economy over the next 25 years; e) The proposed development will be a valuable and appropriate addition to the Somersby Industrial Park, and has been carefully designed to avoid impacts on businesses, residential properties and the environment; f) Significant upgrades have been made to the development proposal based on community feedback to ensure that public health and the environment is protected at all times.