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Submission for: Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility


Davis Earthmoving

Ingleside, New South Wales


Our application will create a state-of-the-art facility converting sand, soil and building materials into 100% recycled building and landscaping supplies. The products will be of a high standard and be used mainly in the Central Coast region. The facility will receive, process and store inert materials such as soil, sand and building materials which do not smell and are mainly from building sites. It will not accept any hazardous materials or chemicals such as asbestos, household rubbish or biodegradable waste. Every load will undergo visual inspections before being accepted, and pre-screening will add an additional layer of scrutiny. Numerous assessments have been undertaken to ensure that any potential impacts on neighbours and the environment will be negligible. This facility will bring a significant boost to the local economy and will represent an important piece of infrastructure. It will create more than 20 new jobs on the site alone, and provide a number of additional jobs on the Central Coast through contractors and other related works. This development represents a substantial investment in waste reduction and sustainability which will provide environmental and economic benefits to the Central Coast and surrounding regions.