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Submission for: Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility


Mountain Districts Association



We strongly oppose SSD-8660 for Kariong Sand &Soil Supplies at 90 Gindurra Rd, Somersby submitted by Davis Earthmoving Pty Ltd as the proposed development has potential serious adverse impacts on Public Health, Road Safety and the Environment.

1.Increased heavy vehicle traffic.
The proposed development to recycle 200,000t waste annually will require a very considerable increase in heavy vehicle traffic (up to 167movements daily) both in and out of the facility. This will have significant negative impact on the local main road Wisemans Ferry Rd which is the main thoroughfare for residents of the Mountain districts and which is used by local school buses as well as workers in Somersby Industrial Area. Congestion and road safety are of concern. Debenham Rd, a possible alternative route to Gosford for residents, would also be negatively impacted.
Also there is a potential risk to a large Gas Main and Electricity Main that run along and under Gindurra Rd as a result of vibration from large heavy vehicles constantly using the road.
2.Public Health
The revised submission speaks about” best practice” and “state of the art” facilities but fails to detail how these processes will actually stop dust and microbiological pathogens escaping from the site. A Public Health concern exists for students at the 3 schools, all people at the Juvenile Justice Centre, workers in Somersby Industial Area as well as residents of Kariong and Somersby located in the near vicinity. Dust and noise pollution remain concerns.
The proximity of the site to Piles and Mooney Creeks poses a risk for environmental damage in this ecologically sensitive area. If water is used as a dust suppression strategy on site where is this water coming from and how will it be disposed of?