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Submission for: Cleanaway's Western Sydney Energy & Resource Recovery Centre


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We object to this project.
The proposal to build the Cleanaway & Macquarie Capital Incinerator at Eastern Creek, is a recipe for disaster. The public health claims made by proponents at their citizen panel are challenged by the experiences of communities around the world where these incinerators are already operating.
It is now established beyond reasonable doubt that particulate air pollution causes death by various means.

It is also now established that incinerators produce high quantities of ultra-fine particulates. There is no technology available to capture these 0.01PM’ which are invisible to the naked eye and are proven to cause a range of health problems.

Particulate Matter has been found to:
Increase the risk of respiratory death in infants
Affect cough and bronchitis in children
Increase death rates from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases including lung cancer and asthma.

The incinerator site has Warragamba Pipelines running adjacent to the southern boundary of the site that supply drinking water to Prospect Reservoir only 1.7km away.
Incinerators create toxic fly ash, which contains some of the most poisonous concentrations of substances such as dioxins and heavy metals. Incinerators actually need more landfill space than regular landfill disposal. Overseas Toxic fly ash is stored in large piles, often inches from roads, communities, and waterways, blowing ash over schools, playgrounds, rivers and streams.
Incinerators release particulate matter (PM), which can be found in solids, liquids (like our water supply, and suspended within the air.

This site is very close to homes, schools and preschools. Horsley Park Public School is around 2 km south of the site. A childcare centre is located only 1 km to the west of the site, while homes are located only 1km away.

A Study was completed; "Relationship Between Distance of Schools from the Nearest Municipal Waste Incineration Plant and Child Health in Japan" In Japan, the main source of cancer causing dioxins are incinerators. This study examined the relationship between the distance of schools from waste incineration plants and the prevalence of allergic disorders and general symptoms in Japanese children. Study subjects were 450,807 elementary school children aged 6–12 years who attended 996 public elementary schools in Osaka Prefecture in Japan. The study showed that a positive association with fatigue was pronounced in schools within 4 km of waste incinerators. The findings also suggested incineration near schools may be associated with an increased prevalence of wheezing, headaches, stomach ache, and fatigue in Japanese children.

Schools Near The Site Proposed For Cleanaways Incinerator
Horsley Park Public School
Marion Catholic School
Erskine Park Primary School
Erskine Park High School
Clairgate Public School
Minchinbury Public School
Eastern Creek Public School
Minchinbury Early Learning Centre
Tyndale Christian School
Bethel Christian School
Sacred Heart Primary School
Rooty Hill Public School
Walters Road Public
Blacktown West Public
St Patrick's Primary School

We strongly object to the projects, thank you