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Submission for: Beaches Link and Gore Hill Freeway Connection


Neutral Bay P&C

NEUTRAL BAY, New South Wales


Good afternoon
I am writing as a representative of the P&C of Neutral Bay PS.
Our concerns are focused on potential environmental and day-to-day impacts of the Tunnel during its constructions and ongoing impact to residents in the area. It should be noted that we support infrastructure projects which are required to enhance the transport networks and reduce
out of area traffic Congestion.
The points we would raise for attention
And review are:

* The unfiltered exhaust stacks which less than 1km from the school - they emit unfiltered and untreated pollution. There are no other OECD countries in the world that are putting in unfiltered stacks for a tunnel as long as the Beaches Link.  Particulate Matter is already higher in Sydney than what is recommended or considered “safe” - PM2.5and PM10 levels are already above the guidelines for both the 24-hour average and the annual average (including the 2025 goal set by NEPC (2016). You can ask that exhaust stacks be filtered as the exhaust emitted from the stacks is concentrated as there are so few exhaust stacks as part of the Beaches Link, the exhaust is concentrated and unfiltered and at a minimum it should be filtered
We suggest the installation of Real time/Alert style air quality monitors installed at Cammeray oval and Willoughby Leisure Centre where many of our children play sport. There will be increased levels of dust in the air from carrying and storing tunnel spoil from these two locations where contaminants have been found. Playing fields near mining sites in the Hunter Valley have air quality monitors and we should ask for the same
* We request that contaminated soil not be stored or retained onsite at Flat Rock Gully, Willoughby Leisure Centre or Bicentennial oval. At present the EIS says that contaminated soil will be stored onsite
* That the bushland be restored at Flat Rock Gully (across the road from the Willoughby Leisure Centre), to rebuild the wildlife corridor that extends to Lane Cove. This will be disrupted during the tunnelling process as Flat Rock Gully will be the primary dive site to remove spoil from the tunnelling works. At the moment in the EIS, the restoration of the bushland is not guaranteed.

Thank you for your attention
Kind regards
Liz Henry
On Behalf of the NBPS P&C