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Submission for: Martins Creek Quarry Project


Angus McGee`

PATERSON, New South Wales


Daracon have had no consideration with the community and affected residents during the course of their tenure of the quarry, and will continue to flout rules and requirements to suit they budgets and fulfilment of product demand rather than consider the greater community in their daily operations.
With the amount of product being transported by road, it is a matter of time before an incident occurs in the populated areas of Paterson or Vacy, and their surrounding suburbs if the proposal is approved in its current state. All road transport are subcontractors to Daracon or local business, who are paid on tonnage and hourly rate. With this taken into consideration, it is in the best interest of the drivers to drive as quickly and cart as much product as they can per day to maximise profits.
Further to the above, the quarry at Brandy Hill has now been approved, which can also service the requirements of the local community and subsequent businesses requiring quarry product.