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Submission for: Martins Creek Quarry Project


Name Withheld

BOLWARRA, New South Wales


To whom it may concern
As a family residing in Bolwarra, just off Peterson Road we strongly object to the expansion. In particular we object to increased traffic by large trucks along Patterson and Flat Roads directly related to the expansion.

1. Safety of the community:

Children - This community has many children walking or riding bicycles to school, the increased number of trucks that this expansion will bring poses a major risk of accident to children in our community.

Residents - it is already difficult for residents of streets off Paterson Rd to turn onto Paterson Road, near misses occur frequently. With the increase in number of trucks per hour taking the proposed route will exacerbate the traffic congestion issues ultimately resulting in accidents, injury and potentially fatalities. Traffic congestion along flat road is already an issue at Melbourne St lights. The increase in trucks will make this worse and ultimately cause driver frustration, accidents, injuries and potentially fatalities.

2. Noise:

Bolwarra community pride our rural lifestyle, its peaceful and a beautiful aspect. The increase of trucks will without a doubt bring noise disturbance which impacts all residents in the vicinity, their wellbeing, their home values, their livelihood.

I propose that either the expansion is completely denied or no negotiation conditions are set for alternate methods of transport such as rail. Rail transportation is a safer option and will ensure the safety of the wider community and uphold the suburbs appeal, housing value, and rural aspect that residents love. There is no alternate option.

There is no “She’ll be alright”.
There is no “accidents won’t happen”.
There is no “It won’t be that bad”
As residents we say NO! As residents we say that no amount of money in the world is worth risking one injury or fatality! Daracon we say No!