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Submission for: Martins Creek Quarry Project


John Quinn



I objected to the 2016 proposal (see Attachments) on the basis of the road transport of quarry products along Tocal Road through Bolwarra Heights. My home is located close to Tocal Road. I again object on these grounds. Although there have been amendments to Daracon's original proposal, the proposed reduction from 1.5 mt over 30 yrs to 1.1 mt over 25 yrs does little to ameliorate the road traffic effects. As a retired Civil Engineer with 40 years experience in pavement construction and maintenance, and mining industry project management, I know that even the best road construction does little to the vibration and noise transmitted by heavy vehicle traffic to adjacent and nearby residences. Also, the Daracon promise to ensure 30 kph truck speeds through residential area is an empty one. Daracon has no means of ensuring this, and could not be trusted to do so. But this is hardly the point - any regular truck movements in excess of 4 per hour impose a debilitating toll on residents, especially when considering the cumulative effect on other background industry heavy traffic.
I have read carefully the 'Review of Quarry Products Distribution by Rail and Rail Logistics Options for Martins Creek Quarry' prepared by Plateway Pty Ltd in May 2021 (Appendix N to Daracon Requested Amended DA_07/09/2020). This Review indicates that rail transport of the entire 1.1 mt would indeed be possible, but that it would require significant investment by Daracon and would be subject to ballast market pressures. Over a 25 yr period these issues would be resolvable. In fact, if the Proposal were to be approved by the NSW Government with no road transport, and for some relaxation in night-time rail loading approval conditions, production could continue to satisfy local market requirements while sites for rail unloading could be further progressed to construction. The desire to satisfy a wider more financially lucrative ballast market at the expense of local Martin's Creek, Patterson and Bolwarra residents is not appreciated, and Daracon should be prepared to invest in the rail infrastructure if it wishes to meet the wider market.

As such, I object the current amended proposal as it stands. I would be prepared to support a further amendment to the proposal which removed all road transportation with minor exceptions such as 4-10 movements per hour in the event of rail infrastructure breakdowns which brought rail transport to a complete stop. Such exceptions should be carefully considered by the approval authority in setting conditions.

John Quinn
BE (Civil), MSc (Eng. Mgmt)
12 Gardenia Close
Bolwarra Heights