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Submission for: Martins Creek Quarry Project


Name Withheld

MINDARIBBA, New South Wales


I am objecting to the proposal
The project does not consider the local environments and the impact it will have on the quality of life for the local residents
I really object to the expansion of the project due to the number of road truck movements per day per year for the next 25 years
The trucks on Tocal road create a number of issues those being
1) Speed of the trucks- they do not adhere to road limits and at time I feel are very dangerous
2) the number of trucks - at time they make it very difficult to access Tocal road from smaller side roads
3) the quality of the road surface - the trucks constantly undermine the road surface causing potholes
4) the trucks hit local wildlife such as kangaroos and birds
5) the air quality - I moved to the country for clean air and this amount of traffic movements only increases the air pollution in an other wise clean environment
6) the noise of the trucks - they are considerably louder than normal traffic patterns for the area - again impacting the quality of life in this area
7) traffic issues in Patterson - makes life extremely difficult if you want to shop in Patterson due to the number of trucks

The fact that the proposal says the increase should be accepted as this is a decrease from the higher levels of truck movements in 2012- 2015 is not justification for the proposed levels for the next 25 years - this shows a total disrespect for the local community and conditions

People live in this are for the pristine environments and clean healthy lifestyle which will be impacted severely by the proposed increase in truck movements

The views of the local community have to be considered and the proposal just ignores the concerns of the local community