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Release Notes

NSW Planning Portal October and November Digital Services 2022 Release Summary

22 December 2022

Complying Developments
Development Applications
Development Assessment

The latest technical release includes important enhancements to existing digital services.

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

Builder details are no longer required when the option ‘not determined at this time’ is selected under ‘who will be doing the building work?’.

DA Online and DA State

  • In Online DA, text has been updated to reflect changes to legislation.
  • In State DA, the EPA regulation reference in the help text under ‘related planning information’ has been updated with new text.
  • In State DA, the EPA regulation reference in the CIV help text is updated with new text.
  • Updates to the declaration wording in the Final Assessment screen to reflect proper terminology.
  • Removal of some actions from an applicant’s ‘Request for operational consent’ screen to resolve a data inconsistency issue. These actions are restored upon submission of the request.
  • For applications lodged from 1 January 2023, and where the applicant is not the sole owner of the land, written owner’s consent will be required prior to determination to reflect recent amendments to the EP&A Regulation 2021 s23(1)(b).  This functionality will be available in the digital service from 16 January 2023

Special Infrastructure Contributions (SIC)

When an applicant submits a ‘provide additional information’ request through the action menu, the DPE Infrastructure Contributions Assessment Officer will now receive a notification.

The EPA regulation reference in the CIV help text has been updated with new text.

Changes have been made to the Infrastructure Contributions reporting publications (ICRP) report including modifying the reporting distribution list, generation of a monthly report and additional fields added for both councils and agencies.

Post-Consent Certificate (PCC) - Construction Certificate (CC), Subdivision Works Certificate (SWC), Principal Certifier Appointment, Occupation Certificate (OC) and Subdivision Certificate (SC)

When the option ‘not determined at this time’ is selected under ‘who will be doing the building work?’, builder details are no longer mandatory.

Users are now able to enter a future date in the ‘Enter lapse date of the consent’ field in post consent certificate cases.

Documents can now be accessed and opened when attached to the ‘National Construction Code Report’ document category on Construction Certificate cases.

Users are now able to successfully submit an Occupation Certificate from an ITSOC (Intention to Seek Occupation Certificate) case. Site address validations errors have been removed.

Certificate Registration

For certificate registration a change has been made to allow date values back to 01/01/1980 for the question ‘Date of Determination of the DA case’.


Interstate certifier’s registration has been introduced and validated as part of CDC, CC and OC services.

Builder details have been added to the email body in reminders to lodge construction-issued regulated designs (IFC).

In the Remediation Works service, the field label and help text for applicants log in has been updated with new text.

Planning Proposal (PP)

DPE officers who have an online submission system service role enabled are now able to access and create planning proposal Section 3.22 cases.

The EPA regulation reference in the CIV help text is updated with new text.

Change to the ‘Application has been lodged’ email notification to remove incorrect wording from the body of the email.

Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Registration

Enhancements have been made when renewing property details, including improved clarity of renewal dates.

State Design Review Panel (SDRP)

Several enhancements have occurred that will allow users to access the information they need and further align the Portal’s functionality to the Panel’s processes, including assigning and re-assigning multiple design advisors and project officers to one meeting case, the ability for the SDRP team to update primary contact and additional contact details, and the ability to copy previous meeting details to all subsequent meetings cases.

The SDRP KPI report is now able to calculate on business days rather than calendar days.

Concurrence and Referral (C&R)

Biodiversity clauses have been resolved when an agency case is created.

The ‘assign to me’ action has been added to State DA concurrence and referral cases, allowing both the case creator and responsible officer to access and progress the case.

Planning Panel Secretariat (PPS)

Enhancements have been made to the ‘save and exit’ functionality, allowing users to go back and edit then progress their case. The PPS user dashboard now features delays elapsed on all PPS cases.

New features and enhancements enable Regionally Significant DAs to be managed more effectively, including updates to how meetings and emails are viewed, limiting word lengths, and PPS case improvements.

Publish on Portal

Minor enhancements have been made to Publish on Portal to allow applicants and council users to publish Land and Environment Court case documents.

The document category has been renamed to ‘Land and Environment Court Other’.

Local action has been made available for users to update the LEC status from ‘LEC consideration’ to ‘LEC determined’ after the case is determined in the court.

Part 5

Enhancements have been made to tool tips, links, and other activity types to align with recent legislative amendments to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Transport and Infrastructure).

Application Programming Interface (API)

Enhancements have been made to existing services including Online DA, State DA, CDC, PCC and C&R. These changes are backward compatible with existing API contracts.

Other enhancements include:

  • A validation message prompting API customers to action amendment cases before determination.
  • New attributes added to APIs to capture if the application is biodiversity compliant.
  • Ability for API customers to access the latest case details from the Portal to their IT systems.
  • When supplied, a Certifier Accreditation Number (registration number) can be verified against NSW Fair Trading certifier register for OC and CC in both private and council certifiers.

State Voluntary Planning Agreements Register (SVPA)

When a SVPA user enters comments for ‘reason for re-negotiation’ and the character limit exceeds 512 characters, the system will not send the email for re-negotiate offer until the applicant has reduced the limit to under 512 characters. The system will then progress the case and trigger the notification.

Updates to terminology have occurred, including ‘Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA)’ to ‘Planning Agreement (PA)’, and ‘State Voluntary Planning Agreement (SVPA)’ to ‘State Planning Agreement’.

Machinery of Government (MoG)

The digital services now reflect the previous integration of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), resulting in the following updates on the Portal:

  • Historical cases prior to 1 April 2022 will continue to be referred to as RMS, whereas cases initiated since 1 April 2022 have been migrated to TfNSW.

Multiple services

The privacy notice link is updated with the most recent endorsed private notice information access all the services, and the ‘personal information’ declaration statement has been updated.

For designated development and/or nominated integrated development and/or threatened species development, as well as deferred commencement, additional days have been added to the clock for certain assessment periods to reflect changes to legislation.

Users are now able to edit the trading name in company details where it differs from the business name. Please note that the company name as registered in the Australian Business Register remains non-editable.

Resolution of validation errors when entering the Australian Company Number details.

Further information is available on the Knowledge Management section of the portal.

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