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Open Data and Reporting

Use the latest reporting and open data tools for your planning needs.

Open Data

The Data Portal allows users to discover and download datasets and information resources.

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LDPM Reporting

The dashboard will allow end-users to view and dynamically query the composition and distribution of local development metrics across individual or multiple councils.

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Metropolitan Housing Monitors

These Monitors provide information on residential housing activity in Sydney. It contains information on the number, type and location of dwellings approved and completed.

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Sydney and Regional Panel Statistics

Planning Panels operate across NSW to provide independent, merit-based decision making on regionally significant development.

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The ePlanning Report

We have made it easier for you to view all NSW Planning Portal statistics to see how many applications have been lodged through our report.

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Online Submissions of Planning data

Councils and other planning bodies are required to provide maps and spatial datasets to the Department as part of the plan-making process

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Community Participation Plan Toolkit for councils

Engagement with community and other stakeholders is an integral part of each stage of planning projects.

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