Councils and other planning bodies are required to provide maps and spatial datasets to the Department as part of the plan-making process. They are also required to provide copies of development control plans and contributions plans to the Department once they have been adopted by council.

The Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment (the Secretary) has determined standard technical requirements to facilitate electronic access and other public access to spatial datasets and maps, for those that are referred to in (or adopted under) environmental planning instruments, development control plans and development contributions plans.

A council or other planning body is required to provide the Secretary with electronic files (in a specified format) of any such instruments, plans or other documents (or of any spatial datasets or other maps) prepared or held by it. A council or other planning body is to implement any standard technical requirements determined by the Secretary to facilitate access to relevant data in the electronic systems maintained by the council or other body or to transfer that data to the NSW planning database.

The online Planning data submission system automatically checks the data against a number of the standard technical requirements. The online submission system will send notification emails related to the data submission to the Department, who will raise any issues with the council. The council or other planning body is responsible for ensuring that any necessary amendments to the data are made.,

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