The Department regularly monitors the performance of the NSW planning system to ensure it is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible for the public, for small and large-scale developers and for industry professionals such as council planners.

This monitoring, which includes analysis of local, state and industry performance, is reported in a number of different publications:

Local development performance monitoring

Local Development Performance Monitoring (LDPM) provides comprehensive statistics on a broad range of indicators relevant to development applications and certificates of complying development in NSW, including the:

  • volume of applications received,
  • capital investment value (where applicable),
  • type of development proposed,
  • legal appeals and council reviews, and
  • time taken by councils and accredited certifiers to process development applications and applications for certificates of complying development.

Annual Local Development Performance Monitoring is compiled by the Department from data provided by every council in NSW and made available to users via LDPM to create their own customised reports.

Major development monitor

This annual publication provides detailed statistical and case study information about decisions made by the Department and Minister for Planning on development proposals and local environmental plans. Reports since 2009-10 are included in the Annual Reports.

Previous reports

Metropolitan and regional strategy update reports

The Regional Strategy Update Report, released in May 2009, outlines the progress made on each of the seven regional strategies. These 25-year land-use plans have been released over the past three years and cover the entire NSW non-metropolitan coastline.

The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy: Update Report was released in June 2007. It outlines work undertaken since the release of City of cities: a plan for Sydney's future in late-2006.


The BASIX online reporting function allows anyone to access information from the BASIX online assessment database. You can search for information and generate reports on the main BASIX measures. Information can be customised by local government area or by 'theme', for example water or energy. Reports can be viewed as charts, tables or printable PDF documents. Data can also be downloaded as CSV files.

BASIX data is now available online at

Concurrence and Referrals Monitoring report

The Concurrence and Referrals Monitoring report, released in June 2010, outlines the performance of individual State agencies in responding to requests for their approval or comments on development applications.