We are committed to simplifying the planning system in NSW by introducing online services on the Planning Portal to allow traditional face to face transactions to be conducted online.

The Planning Portal will provide users with facilities to:

  • access planning controls which may affect their property or land
  • investigate development options at their property or on their land;
  • submit development applications and complying development certificates; and
  • view plans, maps and drawings accompanying development applications and complying development certificates.

Over the past number of years, we have provided users with online tools which simplify the planning process, provide greater access to application data and provide greater transparency on the planning process.

With the introduction of online lodgement services on the Planning Portal, existing tools will be retired to ensure a consistent approach for users and ensure Portal users have access to the latest tools and services.

Tools which have now been retired are listed below:

Electronic Housing Code

The Electronic Housing Code was launched in October 2011 and allowed users to prepare, submit and lodge a complying development application; and to investigate whether they needed planning permission to build or renovate.

The EHC was decommissioned on the 23rd June 2017. The functionality within the tool will be available within Online Lodgement services.



Local Insights

Local Insights was a tool that provided easier access to datasets about each Council area, which you may need before making development or property related decisions. Users could view a range of information related to a local government area such as changes in population, demographic data, household type distribution, residential development intent, development applications by price range and much more.

Local Insights was decommissioned on 30 November 2015. The functionality provided will be available within the NSW Liveability Dashboard.


Interactive Buildings

The Interactive Buildings tool was launched in July 2014 and provided access to interactive models of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. These models allowed users to identify what changes they could make to a property without the need for any further planning or building approvals.

Interactive Buildings was decommissioned on 14 July 2017.