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The ePlanning program

The ePlanning Program is an initiative of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. Its primary purpose is to drive the digital transformation of the NSW planning system.

By building the NSW Planning Portal, the ePlanning Program is providing an online environment where people can access planning services and information from anywhere at any time. This is a convenient alternative to paper-based transactions that can only take place during business hours.

The ePlanning Program is focussed on delivering key digital services as part of its commitment to create an end-to-end digital planning service for NSW. It is streamlining and enhancing existing processes in order to improve the planning experience for all stakeholders: community, industry, councils and State government.

ePlanning for the future. "We believe the way to accelerate digital transformation is through sharing lessons and leveraging the expertise of our colleagues". View the case study.

The NSW Planning Portal

The NSW Planning Portal is an online environment where community, industry and government can work together to better understand and meet their obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

It hosts a range of digital planning services, mapping tools and reporting tools to assist everyone involved in a proposed development. The digital services, accessed via dashboards, improve application determination times, increase transparency of the planning system and ensure greater accountability of all stakeholders.

Set up under the Act, the NSW Planning Portal is also the legal repository for certain planning documents, such as Ministerial Orders.

The ePlanning Program is currently working with all NSW councils to encourage greater engagement with the services on the NSW Planning Portal.

The ePlanning Spatial viewer 

The Department is developing a new Spatial Viewer, which was released on the NSW Planning Portal in May 2019. The new Spatial Viewer is an enhanced digital mapping service that provides easy-to-use, information-rich maps for every address and lot in NSW.

If you want planning details on a particular property, simply type in the address. Each digital map contains multiple layers outlining all the planning controls relevant to that site. This includes Environmental Planning Instruments (EPI), such as State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP) and Local Environmental Plans (LEP). It can also show Development Control Plans (DCP) and Contribution Plans (CP) relevant to the local government area surrounding a particular site. There is an option to download the property report, which provides the key details and development controls for a site, as a PDF as well.

The new Spatial Viewer will provide a variety of base maps to improve your understanding of a particular area, including street maps and satellite maps. Ease of navigation is a priority: you will have the tools to search on map measurements, zoom in and out easily and alter the opacity.

Links to relevant legislation are provided to ensure your planning decisions are based on the most accurate information.

The new Spatial viewer will provide an improved user experience for all visitors to the NSW Planning Portal.

Application Lodgement and Tracking 

The ePlanning Program has digitised the following core processes within the planning system:

  • Development Applications
  • Concurrence and Referrals – for those DAs that require the advice of a State agency
  • Complying Development Certificate Applications

Registered users gain access to a digital dashboard which helps them manage their case load as well as progress individual applications through the system. Applicants can submit a DA online and councils can review the DA and request and receive additional documents before making a determination. For those DA that require State agency advice, councils can now make the request through its dashboard. State agencies can review the DA and provide their response online.

These new services immediately address long-held concerns about the NSW planning system in regards to determination times, transparency of processes and accountability. Legislated time frames have been built into the system to keep applications moving through each stage. All parties to a proposed development can track the progress of an application and they receive automatic notification emails at each stage of the process as well.

The ePlanning Program is committed to developing an end-to-end digital planning service. It is digitising workflows for other aspects of the DA process, such as Regional Planning Panels, Special Infrastructure Contributions and State Voluntary Planning Agreements.

LDPM (Local Development Performance Monitoring)

LDPM for 2016/17 and 2017/18 will be released in 2019 on the Planning Portal using a dashboard reporting service.

The dashboard will allow end-users to view and dynamically query the composition and distribution of local development metrics across individual or multiple councils.  

Providing a descriptive and retrospective analysis of the LDPM data the dashboard is a straight forward user experience helping end-users become more analytical in their thinking.

Users can also access previous LDPM data which outlines the performance of the NSW Planning system and information on local and regional developments determined by councils through our Open Data portal.

Search LDPM on Open Data here.


The Council API will facilitate synchronised workflows and exchange of data / information between DA online and council systems. It will remove any manual data entry enabling automated ingestion between the digital application form and the council system. The automated handling of information will enable a seamless flow of data between systems, which will minimise data errors and provide applicants with digital status updates.


The ePlanning road map

The ePlanning road map shows users a timeline of our accomplishments and goals to deliver better information and digital online services to NSW residents.


Planning Portal monthly report

We have made it easier for you to view all NSW Planning Portal statistics to see how many applications have been lodged each month through our report.

NSW PP Report

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What is ePlanning?

Simon Officer, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, explains how ePlanning is streamlining the NSW planning system.