Some types of development are deemed to have State significance due to the size, economic value or potential impacts that a development may have.

Development that is State significant development (SSD) is identified in the State and Regional Development State Environmental Planning Policy.

Types of State significant development

The Government has identified certain types of development that are SSD, for example:

  • new educational establishments, hospitals and correctional centres,
  • chemical and other manufacturing,
  • mining and extraction operations,
  • tourist and recreation facilities,
  • some port facilities,
  • waste management facilities, and
  • energy generating facilities.

A development proposal for any of the identified development types is SSD if it:

  • is over a certain size,
  • is located in a sensitive environmental area, or
  • will exceed a specific capital investment value.

In addition, some development on identified sites can also be SSD. Identified sites include Sydney Olympic Park, Darling Harbour, the Bays Precinct and Barangaroo.

The full list of SSD development types and identified sites can be viewed in Schedules 1 and 2 to the State and Regional Development State Environmental Planning Policy.

The Minister for Planning may also 'call in' development proposals if a proposal is considered to be of State significance. To find out more about the Ministerial 'call in' process, view the Policy Statement and Guideline prepared by the Department.

To find out more about SSD, view the Department's SSD Fact Sheet website and SSD Procedures Policy Statement.

Other development assessment systems