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Under Consideration

ISEPP amendment – Sport and Recreation (Lake Macquarie)

Lake Macquarie

The NSW Office of Sport has requested a planning pathway for the development of a new Sport and Recreation Centre in Lake Macquarie.

The proposed new facility would replace the nearby Myuna Bay Centre, which was closed in 2019.

The parcel of land identified by the Office of Sport is located on the northern foreshore of Lake Eraring, about 1 kilometre south-west of the closed Myuna Bay Centre.

An amendment of the Infrastructure SEPP (ISEPP) is needed to override local planning controls because the proposed Centre is not currently permissible on the site. If approved, the amendment would enable the development to be considered according to the State significant development planning assessment process.

Streamlining the delivery of a centre for Lake Macquarie

The NSW Government is committed to replacing the centre and has been investigating options for alternative sites in the area.

The Department is seeking feedback on a proposed amendment to the Infrastructure SEPP that would

  • List the site of the proposed Lake Eraring Centre in the ISEPP ,
  • Allow the consideration of the development to be “permissible with consent” following a State Significant Development assessment process, and
  • Retain the existing listing of the closed Myuna Bay Centre in the ISEPP for possible future community use once the ash dam wall of the Eraring Power Station is remediated or the power station is closed down.

The amendment was on exhibition 18 November 2020 proposes to override existing planning controls on the new site, which would allow the consideration of a development application for the new Centre.

View the Explanation of Intended Effect

If the site is listed in the ISEPP, the Office of Sport will need to lodge a State Significant Development application with the Department, which will be subject to a separate consultation process. The community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the development application at that time.

For more information, please email the project team directly

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