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State Significant Development


242-244 Beecroft Road Epping

City of Parramatta

Current Status: Determination

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Detailed design for construction of a mixed-use development following Concept Approval SSD 8784.


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City of Parramatta Council
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Simon Khorramdel
EPPING , New South Wales
Could you please remove vehicle entry and exit from Ray Road, Epping. Allowing vehicle entry and exit will definitely cause mass queue in Ray road for vehicles want to access Carlingford road. It also cuts regular safe pedestrian passage in Ray road. There are many school children who use public transport which use Ray road pedestrian paths to reach public transport locations. There is already mass queue exist in Ray road for vehicles want to enter Carlingford road and adding additional entry and exit traffic is going to create much bigger problem for drivers and pedestrians.
Name Withheld
EPPING , New South Wales

I have two objections arising from the areas that I picked to review in the exhibition document.

Sydney has an affordable housing crisis with renters being forced to live long distances from employment opportunities and the NSW government has not built sufficient affordable housing to remedy the situation.

A lot of high rise development has been approved along and near the higher terrain in Epping and 5% affordable housing in this less prestigous development next to a busy road on land close to and below the level of a main train line is woefully inadequate.

A 30% affordable housing content would not remedy Epping's affordable housing crisis but would make a start and I believe is appropriate for this development and location.

I looked through the electrical appendix and could not see any indication that each unit with a car space will include charging for electric cars that will run off the occupant's meter.

The transition to electric cars is moving forward faster with the climate change impetus from recurring major floods and fires. I believe it would be negligent to approve new car spaces without at least the wiring in place connected to t a unit occupant's meter.

The size of the exhibition's documentation is daunting, please let me know if this mail is adequate to append to my previous submission or an alternate method to submit this.

Name Withheld
This project will make the road even more worse.
1. In the morning, the ray road toward carlingford road is already being congested. If there is a entry/exit in ray road, the road will totally dead.
2. Suggested all entry/exit should be use beecroft road. Never Ray road.
3. The Total height of the building should not higher than the next buildings which is 3/4 levels.
4. Keep more green space for local residents.
Name Withheld
Great that more apartments are being built to house the residents of Sydney. Seeing as this large piece of land is so close to a train station, it should be at least 10 storeys higher and contain more than 432 apartments.
Name Withheld
EPPING , New South Wales
This area is in bad enough traffic-wise, so this will add to the mess.
All night long we hear the rumbling of traffic. It is loud.
Also since the high-rise units around us have been built it sometimes feels as though a train is running through our bedroom as the sound bounces off.
Sound will reverberate from these units as well as compounding traffic issues. A very bad move if this is approved
Epping already has too much high rise and not enough facilities. Residents coming in and out of the building will cause chaos in an already busy intersection - it is dangerous enough now. The council needs to see this corner during the morning and afternoon peak hour.
It is ridiculous that that area is going to build apartments. Parramatta Council don't listen to residents or care about us, the Council just wants money! Residents need more public facilities and playgrounds or parks for kids, not high-rise again.
Name Withheld
EPPING , New South Wales
This project has given very little consideration to addressing overcrowding in the area. For one, it will introduce so much more traffic into an already very congested area. Secondly, it will be removing an essential service of a petrol station, car wash and garage in a convenient location. It will also add a lot of pressure to public street parking. Public car parking near the station is already very difficult. These tall buildings will also cause wind tunnelling and add to the general chaos of this heavily congested area.
I am very strongly opposed to these apartments being built without any consideration to dealing with the overcrowding aspects.
Mark Anderson
EPPING , New South Wales
Epping is over- developed and over development. The proposed building will create further traffic congestion in the Carlingford/ Beecroft Rds area, shading, and impact on natural processes such as wind tunneling.
Name Withheld
This development is unnecessary for Epping. We have already had significant developments on the North side of Epping station which seem to have only circa 50% tenancy. There are also 2 substantial DAs for developments on Rawson St/Beecroft Road which will substantially impact traffic around the intersections of Carlingford Rd, Beecroft Rd, Rawson St and Ray Rd. During peak hours the intersection is extremely difficult to traverse, especially when trying to turn right onto Carlingford Rd from Rawson st, or left from Ray Rd. With no dedicated signal/right of way for either road, or right turn arrows to enable traffic to flow, the traffic substantially backs up along ray road and Rawson st. In the morning and evening Rawson st can completely back up the entire length of the block as cars are unable to easily turn onto Carlingford road unless they take the chance to turn directly into oncoming turning traffic from Ray Rd. This need to turn into oncoming traffic requires significant confidence and there are many times when no cars are able to turn onto Carlingford Rd as they are worried about oncoming traffic. If Ray Rd is busy and cars need to cross the intersection into Rawson St from Ray rd, there consistently are times when no cars are able to turn from Rawson St onto Carlingford Rd. In many cases cars either need to go down Ray Rd and turn around, or take back streets from Ray Rd in order to access Carlingford Rd.

The introduction of 300 units and at least 80 new cars being added to the traffic would make the intersection impossible to access, especially during peak hours. I find it ridiculous that the traffic report for the development feels there would be no substantial impact to traffic, when there are already existing traffic issues without these developments. It seems that’s the traffic assessment was never undertaken during peak hours, circa 6pm on any night, or during weekends, especially in the horning to see the current backed up traffic at the intersection.

I implore you to please reconsider this DA or at least make substantial changes to the intersections in the area to improve traffic flow. This seems like a completely unnecessary development for the area and the loss of a possibly opportunity to build more public areas instead of residential buildings.
Name Withheld
NORTH EPPING , New South Wales
Epping is already over developed and the traffic across Beecroft Rd is atrocious already.

This development (with only 299 car spaces) but 320 apartments would increase traffic and make off-street parking very hard.

I would appreciate if you please reconsider this proposal
Name Withheld
EPPING , New South Wales
Dear Manager,

I'd like to submit an official objection to the proposed development at 242-244 Beecroft Road Epping.

I am a resident at WITHHELD, the proposed development at 242-244 Beecroft Road Epping is in such terrible proposal as this is type of development is NOT WHAT EPPING NEEDS

The entire suburb is literally dead during days as there is nothing to do in the suburb, we need shopping malls, activity centres, restaurants. A good example is town centre at Burwood or Rhodes.

Also, Beecroft Road at where this development is proposed is always jammed, even during off-peak times. Now with this new near 400 apartments proposed, when it is constructed, it will be even more impossible to drive through the area. Please, I dont understand how this development passed the traffic assessment.

Please REJECT this DA!!!!

Best Regards,


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