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Title: Table of vegetation cover for the Significant Urban Area (ABS) for the Greater Sydney Region, summarised by Local Government Area, Suburb and Land Zone, 2016 Purpose: The table provides a summary representation of vegetation cover in metropolitan Sydney by LGA, suburb and land zone in 2016, and may be suitable for analysis of vegetation and land use for environmental planning. Description: The table depicts the area (square meters and hectares) and percentages of vegetation classes for each land zone in LGA Suburbs. Vegetation classes are defined as grass (less than 0.5 metres high), shrub (0.5 to 3 metres high) and trees/tree canopy (greater than 3 metres high). All vegetation is the sum of grass, shrub and trees. Total Area is the area used to calculate the percentages. For metadata and methodology information for the vegetation cover data, please reference the SEED record for Greater Sydney Region Urban Vegetation Cover to Modified Mesh Block 2016: Data Sources: 2016 Greater Sydney Region urban vegetation cover (NSW Office of Environment and Heritage); Environmental Planning Instrument - Land Zoning (NSW Department of Planning and Environment) - from 1 November 2016 for comparison purposes Process: Utilising ArcGIS, the urban vegetation cover data was integrated with the Land Zoning dataset. Standard Data Quality management procedures were performed on both the source data and the integration process. Limitations: This summary was generated from the source imagery using the same methodology as the vegetation cover to the modified mesh blocks. The table is to be considered as accurate as the information contained in the source datasets and reflects the land zone and vegetation cover conditions in 2016. The vegetation cover data was collected to the extent of the Significant Urban Area of Metropolitan Sydney and does not provide complete coverage for LGAs with rural areas. Noted exclusions in the vegetation cover data are rural areas in Wollondilly, Blue Mountain and Hawkesbury LGAs.

Note the attached file for download contains the table in CSV format and a READ ME guidance document in RTF format.

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