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Sydney and Regional Planning Panels

Sydney and Regional Planning Panels were introduced to NSW in 2009 to strengthen decision making on regionally significant development applications and other planning matters.

There are five Sydney Planning Panels and four Regional Planning Panels across NSW. Each panel is an independent body that is not subject to the direction of the Minister of Planning and Public Spaces.

Councils determine, in accordance with the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 if an application needs to be determined by a Sydney or Regional Planning Panel. All requests to these panels must be submitted through the NSW Planning Portal.

Search the Planning Panel register

Councils are required to submit regionally significant applications for determination by the relevant Planning Panel.

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Meeting details

Review the details of upcoming meetings across all Sydney and Regional Planning Panels.

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About Planning Panels

Find out more about individual Sydney and Regional Planning Panels, what sort of development applications are assessed and how planning proposals are reviewed.

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Find a comprehensive list of Planning Circulars and advisory notes, Policies and procedures, templates and forms for councils and reports and guides

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Sydney and Regional Panel Statistics

Read up on the latest statistics based on data provided to the Planning Panel Secretariat via the Sydney and Regional Planning Panels.

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Have your say

Public meetings to listen to the views of the community are an important part of the panels consideration of development applications and certain other planning matters.

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