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Composite image of solar panels, roads and hydro structures

Development and Assessment


Assessing the merits of State significant projects

Under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, any development that is important to the State for economic, environmental or social reasons can be classified a State significant development (SSD) or State significant infrastructure (SSI). This development requires approval from the Minister for Planning or Independent Planning Commission before it may proceed.

The department co-ordinates a whole-of-government assessment of the impacts of the projects against the triple bottom line in accordance with Government legislation, policies and guidelines. Community participation is an essential part of the assessment process, and community views are carefully considered in all decision-making.

State Significant Development

Find out more about what development is SSD and how SSD project are assessed.

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State Significant Infrastructure

Find out more about what development is SSI and how SSI projects are assessed.

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Policy and Guidelines

Find out more about the policies and guidelines for evaluating the merits of projects.

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Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner Scheme

The REAP Scheme provides environmental assessment quality assurance for State significant projects.

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Agency Directory

Please contact the department’s assessment team for details of agencies not listed.

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