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Employment zones reform implementation

We are replacing the Business and Industrial zones in local environmental plans to introduce the new employment zones.
The opportunity to have your say on how the new zones will be introduced into local environmental plans has ended.

Under Consideration

The department invited stakeholders from 31 May 2022 until 12 July 2022 to have their say on the proposed amendments to individual local environmental plans (LEPs) across NSW.

The exhibition documentation included:

1. the explanation of intended effect (EIE) which outlines the proposed translation approach.

To support community and stakeholders during the exhibition, we built a web tool so you could readily identify local changes and make specific submissions on the proposed translation and associated detail relevant to their local areas.

The web tool displays the proposed land use table for each council’s employment zone(s) alongside the land use table of Business and Industrial zones being replaced. This enabled comparison and clarity around the extent of change. Please note the detail shown was prepared for exhibition and therefore shows a proposed land use table at a point in time and does not reflect policy finalisation following submissions.

3. View the new zones via the ePlanning spatial viewer

If you do not have a particular location, the zone translations can be viewed on the spatial viewer and searched by local government area or by free scrolling. This will enable you to toggle between the current and the proposed zone. If you would like to see the proposed land use tables for a local government area these can be found under the search by LGA tool.

Submissions are now being reviewed and will inform finalising the policy.

For more guidance on using the web search tool and the ePlanning spatial viewer please refer to the Planning Portal User Guide.

For more information on the employment zones reform implementation, visit the department website.

Employment zones

ePlanning Spatial Viewer

View how the new zones will be applied for a particular local government area or specific address on the ePlanning Spatial viewer.

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Employment zones

Employment zones search by address

See how local environmental plans are being amended.

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Employment zones

Employment zones search by LGA

The LGA search will display all proposed employment zones and their land use table(s) for a particular local environmental plan.

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Need help?

Contact us via our email if you have any questions regarding the Employment zones exhibition [email protected]