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Urban Development Program

Urban Development Programs (UDPs) are the NSW Government’s program to monitor land supply and development and assist in the coordinated delivery of enabling infrastructure to support new development.

UDPs focus on the planning and delivery of housing and employment land and infrastructure to support new development in key growth regions of NSW, including in Metropolitan Sydney and in Regional NSW.

The key aims of the UDP are to:

  • provide more transparent, detailed and accessible data - improving the quality and consistency of the evidence base used by all stakeholders
  • promote broader and earlier engagement between industry and government stakeholders
  • encourage and improve coordination of infrastructure servicing

UDPs are operated by the Department in collaboration with local government, other state government agencies, industry and utility providers to ensure each UDP meets the needs of stakeholders and local communities.

Evidence gathering and analysis

UDPs provide data and analysis to support evidence-based decision making. This includes audits of housing land and, in some locations, employment lands, to provide a detailed picture of the land supply and the development pipeline. Through detailed evidence gathering, UDPs can track how land is progressing from strategic planning to development approval, infrastructure servicing and construction. .

Coordination, growth prioritisation and decision making

UDPs help promote greater co-ordination of information and infrastructure servicing. Through detailed evidence gathering, UDPs can establish and maintain a transparent pipeline of ‘development ready’ land. UDPs can also identify barriers to activate latent supply and promote orderly development of land to enable the efficient use of government resources.

A unique feature of UDPs in regional NSW is the UDP Committee. UDP Committees are made up of representatives from state and local government, infrastructure agencies, utilities providers, and the development sector. These committees provide a regional or sub-regional-level forum to ensure that government and industry work together and share information to facilitate the timely release of housing and employment land supply and the orderly development of land.

UDPs help monitor whether there is adequate land supply, including ‘development ready’ land, and track the progress of land through the housing supply pipeline. They also monitor housing trends, planning approval and development activity.

This data can be accessed through the UDP online dashboards which bring together government and other data on housing, employment and infrastructure. Monitoring statements will also be produced each year that will summarise key housing and employment land supply trends and help identify key initiatives to remove barries to unlock supply.

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Greater Sydney Commission
Greater Sydney Urban Development Program

Regional UDPs

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The Urban Development Dashboards