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Insights and Demography

Understand data, discover demographic insights and use planning tools—all accessible on the NSW Planning Portal.

The NSW Planning Portal is your go-to hub for insights around housing and population, guided by the Department of Planning and Environment’s robust reporting and open data tools.

Discover population growth trends, compare development statistics between Local Government Areas, access the Housing Evidence Centre  or understand how data flows between the NSW Planning Portal and external IT systems by selecting from the tiles below.

Access the latest data, information and analytics

Regional development
Housing evidence centre

The Housing Evidence Centre provides accessible information on key issues that impact the housing ecosystem in NSW.

Ariel view street and houses with solar panelling
Urban development program

Uncover the key aims of Urban Development Programs (UDPs), access data-driven dashboards and specific UPD information.

Regional Planning Panels
Planning performance dashboard

The Department is committed to improving the transparency of the NSW planning system through the NSW Planning Performance Dashboard.