Repealed - State Environmental Planning Policy No 19-Bushland in Urban Areas

This is a repealed State Environmental Planning Policy and has been superseded by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Biodiversity & Conservation) 2021 as part of the Department's initiative to consolidate State Environmental Planning Policies to simplify and provide certainty to the planning system.

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This historical record represents Bushland in Urban Areas for State Environmental Planning Policy.

Organisation: Department of Planning and Environment

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Alternative Title SEPP No 19-Bushland in Urban Areas
Edition 1
Purpose (1) The general aim of this Policy is to protect and preserve bushland within the urban areas referred to in Schedule 1 because of:(a) its value to the community as part of the natural heritage,(b) its aesthetic value, and (c) its value as a recreational, educational and scientific resource.(2) The specific aims of this policy are:(a) to protect the remnants of plant communities which were once characteristic of land now within an urban area,(b) to retain bushland in parcels of a size and configuration which will enable the existing plant and animal communities to survive in the long term,(c) to protect rare and endangered flora and fauna species,(d) to protect habitats for native flora and fauna,(e) to protect wildlife corridors and vegetation links with other nearby bushland,(f) to protect bushland as a natural stabiliser of the soil surface,(g) to protect bushland for its scenic values, and to retain the unique visual identity of the landscape,(h) to protect significant geological features,(i) to protect existing landforms, such as natural drainage lines, watercourses and foreshores,(j) to protect archaeological relics,(k) to protect the recreational potential of bushland,(l) to protect the educational potential of bushland,(m) to maintain bushland in locations which are readily accessible to the community, and (n) to promote the management of bushland in a manner which protects and enhances the quality of the bushland and facilitates public enjoyment of the bushland compatible with its conservation.
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