State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009

The data represents the Land Application, Land Zoning, Transport Arterial Rd Infra, Additional Permitted Uses, Land Reservation Acquisition, Industrial Release Area in SEPP (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009.

Organisation: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

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Alternative Title SEPP (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009
Metadata date 04/04/2018
Date created 21/08/2009
Edition 1
Purpose (1) This Policy aims to protect and enhance the land to which this Policy applies (the Western Sydney Employment Area) for employment purposes.(2) The particular aims of this Policy are as follows:(a) to promote economic development and the creation of employment in the Western Sydney Employment Area by providing for development including major warehousing, distribution, freight transport, industrial, high technology and research facilities,(b) to provide for the co-ordinated planning and development of land in the Western Sydney Employment Area,(c) to rezone land for employment or environmental conservation purposes,(d) to improve certainty and regulatory efficiency by providing a consistent planning regime for future development and infrastructure provision in the Western Sydney Employment Area,(e) to ensure that development occurs in a logical, environmentally sensitive and cost-effective manner and only after a development control plan (including specific development controls) has been prepared for the land concerned,(f) to conserve and rehabilitate areas that have a high biodiversity or heritage or cultural value, in particular areas of remnant vegetation.
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Equivalent Scale 320000
Geospatial Topic Environment
Temporal Coverage From 23/03/2018
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
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