State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Parklands) 2009

The spatial data represents the Land Application, Heritage, Bulk Water Supply, Environment Cons Area in SEPP (Western Sydney Parklands) 2009.

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Alternative Title SEPP (Western Sydney Parklands) 2009
Metadata date 04/04/2018
Date created 26/10/2012
Edition 1
Purpose The aim of this Policy is to put in place planning controls that will enable the Western Sydney Parklands Trust to develop the Western Parklands into a multi-use urban parkland for the region of western Sydney by:(a) allowing for a diverse range of recreational, entertainment and tourist facilities in the Western Parklands, and (b) allowing for a range of commercial, retail, infrastructure and other uses consistent with the Metropolitan Strategy, which will deliver beneficial social and economic outcomes to western Sydney, and (c) continuing to allow for and facilitate the location of government infrastructure and service facilities in the Western Parklands, and (d) protecting and enhancing the natural systems of the Western Parklands, including flora and fauna species and communities and riparian corridors, and (e) protecting and enhancing the cultural and historical heritage of the Western Parklands, and (f) maintaining the rural character of parts of the Western Parklands by allowing sustainable extensive agriculture, horticulture, forestry and the like, and (g) facilitating public access to, and use and enjoyment of, the Western parklands, and (h) facilitating use of the Western Parklands to meet a range of community needs and interests, including those that promote health and well-being in the community, and (i) encouraging the use of the Western Parklands for education and research purposes, including accommodation and other facilities to support those purposes, and (j) allowing for interim uses on private land in the Western Parklands if such uses do not adversely affect the establishment of the Western Parklands or the ability of the Trust to carry out its functions as set out in section 12 of the Western Sydney Parklands Act 2006, and (k) ensuring that development of the Western Parklands is undertaken in an ecologically sustainable way.
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